Buying a House for Your Child at College

Why Rent and Lose Money When You Can Buy and Make Money?

Buying a home for your U of A or Stillman student has never made more cents (dollars, actually).

The Tuscaloosa market is experiencing incredible home appreciation over the last decade – and it’s still climbing. In fact, the effect of the “Bama Brand” has led to value increases in the area of over 94% since the year 2000! I myself purchased a condo near Bryant-Denny for my son when he was a student here and made over 40% in just 4 years alone. When compared with rising rental costs, the condo buy was simply a “no-brainer.”

Plus, with programs like the FHA’s “Kiddie Condo” loan that can be used for any home, condo or otherwise, it’s very easy to get your own rewards too – such as tax deductions and more. Call me today and I’ll help you navigate the market and the processes. Take it from someone who’s done it, buying a place for your college student is the right choice.

College Home-Buying Professional
Rebekah Polancich

Trust a broker who’s done it herself. Let me help you buy now.