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We pay for effective Google, Facebook and Twitter ads for all our seller clients.

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Rebekah Polancich – Pritchett-Moore REALTOR®

Friendly. Professional. Knowledgeable. Tenacious.

How We Help Buyers and Sellers

Expert Home Valuations

Getting you the most for your property using powerful tools and data analysis.

Neighborhood Reports

In-depth reports showing you value, crime, school info, conveniences and more.

One-of-a-Kind Home Marketing

No other local real estate firm can match my targeted digital marketing of your home to the right buyers.

MLS & Non-MLS Listings

Your personal home shopper! Plus learn about listings from customers who are selling but aren’t in MLS.

Market Analysis

Comprehensive data to tell you if the time, price and deal is right for your home buy or sale.

Tenacious Negotiator

Treating your home deal like it’s my own so you get top value whether buying or selling.

Former Corporate CFO

Dollars and cents have been my passion, so you can rest assured the finances of your deal will be spot-on.

Luxury Property Specialist

Having bought and sold many luxury properties of my own, I know all the ins and outs of a luxury deal.

Financing Connections

Connecting you with the financing you – and your wallet – need the most.


Sell faster with next-level digital marketing.

The only REALTOR in Tuscaloosa who can get your listing continuous exposure to the right audience on the web, social media and local channels.

Big-Budget Lead Generation

Targeted Digital Ads

Dedicated Listing Pages

High Social Exposure

Big-Budget Lead Generation

Bringing a volume of leads right to your door.

big budget lead generation

Each client gets a dedicated ad budget

These days you can’t attract the most buyers for your home without digital marketing. Just putting your home in MLS or on Zillow is not enough. Good digital marketing requires the right tools, the right smarts and – most of all – money. I spend thousands each month on digital marketing across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Zillow and over a dozen other channels where buyers are found. Plus, I dedicate a healthy digital advertising budget for each and every one of my listings to get you more traffic and more exposure to the right potential buyers. I’m also the only Tuscaloosa REALTOR with a technical team of web developers and software engineers working full-time on my marketing efforts.

Targeted Digital Ads

Bringing the RIGHT leads right to your door.

When it comes to pulling in leads that are potential buyers for your home, just advertising isn’t enough. What matters is putting your listing in front of just the right buyers who are most likely to be interested in your home. That means less “noise” and more real leads for your listing. I use my career in intelligence analysis and tools and techniques learned from building multiple successful technology companies to sift through web and social media data to target those buyers with behaviors that indicate an interest in properties like yours. We also develop profiles of who “the right buyer” is so we can target the right areas, income, and other interests. No other REALTOR in Tuscaloosa can do that – guaranteed.

targeted digital ads

My ads target just the right buyers

Dedicated Listing Pages

Getting your listing showcased the right way.

dedicated listing pages

Giving your property its own spotlight

As a career-long web developer, I know the importance of presentation for making an impact. For every one of my client listings, I build each of you your own web pages to showcase your home and highlight its presentation so prospective buyers get the right impression. Plus, these pages are fully searchable on the #1 place buyers start their home search – Google. Our technical team makes sure your pages get seen by national and local audiences through expert SEO (or Search Engine Optimization). We get your listing pages wide exposure through dedicated digital ads and direct placement on dozens of local and national listing sites.

High Social Exposure

Getting your listing into circles buyers trust.

Our technical team has deep expertise in advertising to selected audiences both local and national on the social media platforms most likely to provide buyers for your home. For each client listing, I run highly-targeted and dedicated social campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and more to users who express interest in real estate similar to yours and your location. That means your specific home or land listing is seen by daily users in the social circles they trust the most -and where they spend the most time. Each week, my team analyzes the data and refines where the ads are shown and also targets specific users who have interacted with your ad (i.e. viewed your home listing) to further pull them in as active leads and potential buyers.

high social exposure

More powerful local “word of mouth”